Tried and tested personalised programs for all levels, which will have you reaching your fitness goals immediately.

Program Level


For those new to running and unsure where to start, we will provide a step by step guide, helping you to build from little to no running experience to completing 5km+ runs within 12 weeks. 

Example run: 2km walk, 100m Jog + 100m walk, 1km walk.


For those who have done the occasional running with little consistency or have a history of playing sport and can run greater than 1km at a time. Programs for all within this category focus on a steady build in distance able to run, while also looking to improve the pace at which they can comfortbaly run. 

Example run: 800m run, 400m walk (x2), 100m run, 100m walk x 3


A more consistent type of runner, running once a week or fortnightly. Fundementals for this level is consistently running and increasing the distance, with a mix of faster runs to strive for Pb’s.

Example Run: 6 x 400m, with 100m & 200m jog recovery between each rep


Runners who have a base level of fitness and run semi regularly to regularly. Intermediate level training will target preparing for an event or your chosen sport. The program will aim to steadily increase the amount of km’s covered per week with faster runs included to sharpen up for races.

Example Run: 4-5 x 1km, with 400m jog recovery between each. 

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