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Personalised Running Programs for all levels

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“If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far, if today is your first day or if you’ve been running for twenty years. You just run.”

John Bingham

What Is Just Start Running?

At Just Start Running (JSR), we offer specialised programs for runners of all levels ranging from those who just want to start to more experienced runners. 
The hardest part of running is starting, and the hardest part of starting is knowing where to start. Your personal program will guide you week by week with specific training sessions aimed at improving your fitness and hoping you achieve your goals. Whether it be 5km, 10km, a half or full marathon, we have the program for you. 
Included in your program will be some advice and tips and tricks to get started. There will be an overview of your training runs, easy to read sessions and nutritional advice from an accredited dietician. 

What's included

Personalised Programs

Whether you've never run or train regularly we offer programs for all levels

Nutrition Advice

Nutrition tips to help fuel your runs, assist your recovery, and help you perform at your best.

Meet the Team

Michael McIntyre
Michael has been a succesful runner at the international level as well as coaching for 30+years. Michael’s acheivements include winning: Melbourne, Adelaide, Tasmania & Toyohashi marathons, as well previously holding the 50km Australian record.

Liam McIntyre
Liam Has been running for some time, throughout high school, University and the years since. Liam enjoys both the competitive side of running, racing in events from 5km up to the marathon, as well as the general physical and mental benefits daily exercises offers. 

Jake Van Meel
Jake, like Liam has been running since High school, both being coached by Michael McIntyre. Jake keeps fit with running, and is himself training for a Marathon, not being too focussed on competition, rather simply enjoying going for a run. 

Sarah Calleja
Is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, as well as an avid runner. Sarah provides nutrional advice for all athletes and being a runner herself, she is constantly putting her advice to the test every day.